"It always surprises me...the things people will do to each other."

Cast and Crew

Cast and Crew at Wrap Dinner

The cast and crew for this movie all live in Shenandoah County, Virginia; with the exception of Sam who lives in West, Virginia.


Jessica Lacey - Alison Shell
Leisa Neil - Jeanne Russell
Roger Neil - Rich Church
Annabelle Thatcher - Samantha Strong
Dr. Ridger - Lisa Mikitarian
Johnathan - Evan Benton


Director: Stephen French
Continuity Supervisor: Brent Funkhouser
General Supervisor: Caleb Townsend
Makeup Artist: Macki Kraemer, Sarah Wine
Music: Carolina Williams, Ken Pierson
Lighting/Audio: Kate Phillips, Macki Kraemer, Carrie Kraemer


Some Cast Members (plus Brent Funkhouser) at the premiere